words that go unsaid after childbirth



There are so many words that go unsaid after childbirth. There are so many words in our hearts that we don’t share when we talk to a woman who has just had a baby.  There is so much more to say than a polite ‘congratulations’ or a cautious ‘how are you feeling?’
When my sister delivered her baby, I was so bursting with emotion.  I wanted to grasp her by the arms and look into her eyes and say you did it! and I am so proud of you. You did this incredibly hard, seemingly impossible task. From some deep and mysterious place within you, you found strength beyond strength.

You have power and determination beyond what you could have imagined. You have broken down the walls of fear that have been built around you, that caused to you to  doubt yourself.

You waded through pain and came out the other side rejoicing.

Don’t forget that power and strength that lies within you sweet sister.  As you step wearily back into the daily routine of home and family, don’t forget the mountain you have climbed. You have done battle and stand victorious. Hold on to that truth.

You are strong. You are brave. You are a warrior. Your body is incredible. Remember that, when the ‘getting your body back’ lies start to creep in, because they will. Don’t you dare believe them because you are amazing.

You have been on  a long journey through a wild and lonely place.
It is hard labour and yet it is sacred work because it is fueled by love.
This burden we bear, this honour we share of delivering new life into this world is a thing to celebrate.
Those are the words in my heart, when I politely say ‘congratulations’ or ‘well done’ to a mum who has just had a baby. That is what I really want to say.

That, and ‘isn’t that first cup of tea and toast just the best!?’


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